Pill press, six firearms and drugs allegedly seized as six houses searched across Abermain, Weston and Chisholm

SEIZED: Strike Force Olenia detectives allegedly found a small pill press during one of the simultaneous raids on a Chisholm property on Tuesday morning.

WHEN members of the Central Hunter’s drug unit went knocking on a few doors across Abermain and Chisholm on Tuesday, they were already planning to lay significant drug charges against an alleged burgeoning drug syndicate.

But what they allegedly found even surprised them.

A pill press, so rarely seized by law enforcementbecause of its obvious manufacturing value, at least six firearms and a total of nearly 500 grams of ice was allegedly seized in the six simultaneous search warrants.

Strike Force Oleria detectives later charged seven people following the raids.

At the alleged drug kingpin Kirt Wayne Griffiths’ home on Charles Street at Abermain, police said they found a handgun, two 12-gauge shotguns, a sawn-off .22 calibre rifle, a shortened .22 calibre rifle, an air rifle, assorted ammunition, an extendable baton as well as some drugs.

Mr Griffiths, 21, was later refused bail on a range of charges, including two counts of supplying a large commercial amount of drugs and manufacturing a large commercial amount of drugs.

DISCOVERY: Investigators will allege they discovered a handgun during the search of one of three houses on Charles Street at Abermain.

At an associate’shouse at Chisholm, police allegedly located thepill press, a powder believed to be amphetamine, pills believed to be MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy), a white rock substance believed to be methylamphetamine, as well as methylamphetamine oil and other tools and implements used in the manufacture of prohibited drugs.

A man, 31,was arrested at the home and charged with multiple drug offences including manufacture prohibited drug (large commercial) and supply prohibited drug (large commercial).

At another home on Charles Street, Abermain, police allegedly located an amount of cannabis, drug paraphernalia, water pipes, scales, an amount of cash, and a mobile phone.

GUNS: Sawn-off rifles, shotguns, an air rifle, assorted ammunition, an extendable baton as well as some drugs were seized in the raids.

A man, 23,wascharged with knowingly take part on large commercial quantity supply of methylamphetamine, and supply cannabis.

And police allegedly seized a number of mobile phones, laptop computers, storage devices, a Honda 125cc motorcycle, personal documentation, a white powder believed to be methylamphetamine, and a small amount of cannabis at a third CharlesStreet premises.

A man, 23, and 20-year-old woman were arrested at that house and charged with drug offences.

A woman, 33, is also facing serious drug offences after an amount of ice and cash were found at a home on Ellis Street, Weston.

Police alleged located an amount of cash, assorted personal documentation, and electronic devices at another Abermain house.

A woman, 51 was spoken to at the address, however no arrests were made and enquiries are ongoing.