Mandurah woman continues to fight for justice after murderer’s appeal

Crime victim demands justice Debbie Tippett outside court in 2015.

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Debbie Tippett

Following Collard’s guilty plea – after appeal – to the lesser charge of manslaughter, Ms Tippett said she felt forgotten by the Director of Public Prosecutions, and planned to agitate for the original charge of kidnapping to be upgraded to attempted murder.

“If it can go one way for him, why can’t it go that way for me?” she said.

“He tried to kill me.If he can appeal, I should be able to, too.

“This is just a kick in the guts.”

Disgust: Ms Tippett says she still struggles to sleep since the day Collard threatened to kill her. Photo: Kate Hedley.

Ms Tippett, who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following her ordeal at the hands of Collard, said she still struggled to sleep since the day he threatened to kill her.

She has never received criminal compensation, and claims she has been offered no help in dealing with the mountain of paperwork stemming from the court case.

“Why isn’t this over?” she said.“Why aren’t I able now to just get on with my life?

“More effort goes into protecting the criminal.When I ask for help I can’t get it.”

Ms Tippett said she had requested a meeting with the Attorney General to discuss her concerns.

“I am just hoping for victims to be treated with far more respect than criminals,” she said.

“I don’t know why that’s not happening now.I feel like screaming.

“I want answers.”

This article first appeared on Mandurah Mail