History repeating as One Nation implodes

JUST five months after the Coalition government’sill-considered double dissolution election opened the door for fringe parties to swoop on theSenate, one of the biggest beneficiaries is in disarray.
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The controversial Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party took advantageof an electorate clearly disenchanted with the major parties and the full Senate election to win four upper house seats.

Supporters hailed the election of Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts, Brian Burston and Rod Culletonas a turning point in Australian politics.

There were many who perceived One Nation’sshowing as a clear indicationtheir dreams of seeing Australia governed by a hardcore nationalist party could come to fruition.

One should takenothing away from Ms Hanson’sproven ability to exploit people’s fears through her often uninformed and unsophisticated view of a complex world.

However, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s inexplicable decision to call a double dissolution election was always likely to weaken the major parties’hold on the Senate.

A full Senate election, as opposed to the standard half Senate election, loweredthe quota from 14.3 per cent to just 7.7 per cent, favouringminor parties andindependents.

But if anyone thought that this latest incarnation of One Nation, which has existed in various guises since 1997, would be any different to its dysfunctional predecessors, the evidence is not promising.

Already four senators has become three after the volatile Mr Culleton, who may not have even been eligible to stand for the Senate, announced he was resigning from the party this week.

For months Mr Culleton and his leader, Ms Hanson, had been locked in an unedifying public war of words that had increasingly overshadowed the party’s agenda since the July election.

Following its relative success federally, One Nation is planning a full scale assault on state parliaments across the country, possibly starting with Queensland next year.

But those horrified at the thought of the party providing anything more than nuisance value in the political landscape really need not to be worried.

It is only a matter of time before history history repeats andOne Nation implodes under its own incompetence.

– Ross Tyson, deputy editor

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