Don’t leave pets home alone these holidays

Don’t leave me home alone!!As Christmas is nearly here and many people will be taking advantage of the festive and holiday period, please always remember to pay extra attention to ensure that your pet is going to have a great time too!
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Dogs and cats must always have access to clean, fresh water. In this hotter weather water must be checked and topped up daily. Frozen ice cubes for smaller dogs with a treat inside will not only keep your dog hydrated for longer but provide them with a form of entertainment as they lick the ice cube and then find the treat inside. For dogs of the large variety, filling ice cream containers are ideal for this.You must also ensure that both cats and dogs are provided a “safe area”. For cats this may mean a hideaway area indoors or a secure sheltered area in an outdoor cattery.

Dogs must have a kennel or enclosed run with plenty of shade. Place comfortable, appropriate bedding where your pet is to sleep, make this the place where you feed your dog everyday and leave a favourite toy to decrease boredom. Your pet will quickly learn that this is a nice place to be.Remember animals overheat very quickly.

DO NOT leave your pet locked in the car while you do the shopping. The truth is this is a very cruel way to die and your pet would much prefer to be left at home for an hour or so in its favourite place chewing on a treat than be subjected to temperatures in the forties locked in a vehicle.

In addition to this provide early training and obedience lessons. Establish that you are the leader and ensure you set boundaries. Funny as it sounds, cats can be taught to be out on a lead as well as a dog. Be responsible by always knowing where your pet is and it being under effective control at all times.

Have your cat or dog microchipped by no later than three months of age and registered with your local council. Desex your pet if you are not a registered breeder. This will make both a cat or dog less aggressive and less inclined to wander.

Do not overfeed your pet over Christmas. Remember chocolate is toxic. A raw bone for dogs or a nice piece of fish for your cat is sufficient

If you are planning on going away over the Christmas period please organise for somebody to look after your pet. Dogs need regular exercise and both cats and dogs love company.

Grenfell now has a locally based dog and cat minding service that is highly recommended. For further details please contact the Weddin Shire Ranger on 02 6343 1540 or if you wish to discuss any concerns please telephone your local vet.

Let’s make it a happy holidays for the entire family, including your pets!!

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